US Western Multitech, Inc

    Serving Southern California with Quality Dry-Clean & Commercial Laundry Equipment



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    What We Do

    New Equipment

    We sell all kinds of dry-clean and commercial laundry equipment.  Whether you need a dry-clean machine or a boiler, we have all your equipment needs.

    Spare Parts

    Having trouble finding parts for your equipment?  Click the link above to find the parts you need in our online manuals or click the Parts 4 Cleaner link to shop for your parts online!

    Plant Consultations

    If you are looking to make changes in your dry-clean plant or build a dry-cleaner from the ground up, we can help with the layout and construction of the whole plant.

    Layouts & Blue Prints

    If you are looking to create a whole new dry-clean or laundry plant, we can help plan the construction and layout of your plant.

    Equipment Installations

    With our crew of installers, we can replace any dry-clean or laundry equipment in your store.  Just name the spot where you want to place your equipment and we will handle the rest.

    Repairs and Services

    Having problems with your equipment?  If you can’t find the problem with your machine, then call us and we will find the right repairman to complete the job for you.

    Our Satisfied Customers